Barak Rosen: “Even in this challenging period, we are ending a record year in terms of sales” | ICE

As reported by ICE, Israel Canada presented excellent results in 2022 under the leadership of Barak Rosen and Assaf Touchmair. During the year, the company showed a new record in sales volume and economic stability, despite the conditions of rising interest rates and instability in the economy.

Barak Rosen, the owner and CEO of Israel Canada, told the media: “Even in this challenging time, we are finishing a record year with sales of over NIS 3 billion, with a net profit of NIS 350 million. The company continues to do significant work in all areas of real estate activities, including the start of marketing the Sde-Dov project and the progress in establishing the Midtown Jerusalem project.”

He added: “I am confident that the significant backlog of projects under initiation and construction has not yet been reflected in the company’s results, which is expected to contribute in the near future to large-scale profits that will flood the value inherent in them. Our resilience and financial solidity will also allow us to face the macroeconomic challenges that the markets in Israel and worldwide are experiencing.”

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